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4-strand Turquoise Treasure Necklace by Rethema Tsosie

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4-strand Turquoise Treasure Necklace by Rethema Tsosie. See below for more information. sold in store to Ardis Alexander, 11.22.16

This amazing turquoise Treasure Necklace, has been handcrafted in the United States by Navajo artist, Rethema Tsosie. She meticulously placed each stone, spaced with tiny heishi beads. The stones include several colors of turquoise, mother-of-pearl, lapis, coral, tiny silver beads, and spiny oyster. The tiny cross included is carved from mother-of-pearl as well. The weight is 4 3/8 oz. while the length is 26" from end to end, all four strands being the same length. Your personal style is assuredly enhanced with the addition of this splendid piece of jewelry.