Alex & Marylita Boone, Zuni Made, Inlaid, Multi Stone Bolo & Buckle Set

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Fantastic, Zuni made, sterling silver Belt Buckle & Bolo set, by Alex & Marylita Boone, with multi inlaid stones, including, Turquoise, Mother -of Pearl, Jet, & Coral.  Both the buckle & the bolo tie are traditional Zuni design.  They are both bordered in sterling silver.  The Buckle measures 3" across x 2" long, weighing 1.55 ounces.  The bolo tie measures 18 1/2" overall in length, with the medallion measuring 1.95" across x 12 1/4" long, & total weight is 1.52 ounces.  The bolo has a black braided leather cord & is finished with sterling silver tips, with a beautiful satin patina finish. 

Both pieces are marked "Alex & Marylita Boone, Zuni, N.M."  Zuni artists, Marylita Boone and her husband Alex create fine mosaic inlay set in sterling silver.






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