Alvin Begay Turquoise and Coral Reversible necklace Set

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an Outstanding example of The Artistic ability of the  Navajo Silversmith Alvin Begay.  This fantastic set includes a Reversible shadow box design necklace, bracelet and matching earrings.  Each piece is delicately designed with the overlay kokopelli and corn design.  Turquoise and coral stones have been set onto each piece in a corn inlay design and on the other side shows an  elegant and modern design featuring coral.  This awesome Collector set is Sterling Silver and hand created in the 1970’s.  This beautiful set is featured on the cover of Cowboys and Indians Magazine.  

Born  in 1956 in Winslow, Arizona, Alvin attended the Dilkon Boarding School and later, Winslow High School. While at Dilkon, Alvin met Tommie Singer, a Navajo silversmith of considerable importance

. In 1973, Alvin began learning silversmithing and joined Tommie to work in his shop for 12 years.

After Alvin left Tommie Singer, he began working with the award winning Navajo artist, Abraham Begay.  Alvin worked with Abraham for two years helping design and construct much of Abraham's jewelry that eventually won awards.   

Alvin taught Lula the art of cutting and setting stones as well as braiding the leather used for their bolos. Alvin does the overall design and construction of their pieces where everything is handmade.  Alvin incorporates double and triple overlay, shadow box, engraving and recticulation techniques, often all on one major piece.  They are well known for their reversible necklaces, often permitting several looks on a single piece.

They have won prizes including a first prize with a necklace at a Dallas, Texas competition, a second prize for a coral inlay concho belt at the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial and a third prize at Arizona's O'odham Tash."

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