Crow Mother Kachina by Adrian Poleahla

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Crow Mother/Angsusnasomtaka is beautifully hand carved Kachina by Hopi Artist Andean Poleahla.  She stands 13 inches tall and the base is 5.75 inches wide.  

Adrian is a fine kachina carver, noted for his detailed and realistic figures, often "caught" in action. He has also been able to adapt his level of detail to some small paintings as well.

Adrian Poleahla was born in Keams Canyon, Arizona, and comes from the Corn and Water Clan.  He is an accomplished Kachina carver who has been carving Kachinas over thirty years, starting at the age of 5. Adrian also is an artist and his subject is the Kachinas that he knows and loves. He learned carving from his father, John Poleahla, and brothers Irwin, Wayne, Shona, and John Jr. Adrian carves his dolls in the traditional material of cottonwood with precision detail and three dimensional attention to every surface and angle. 
The Crow Mother The Mother of All Kachinas,  (Angwusnasomtaka) is a figure of great dignity. She appears on all three mesas, usually in connection with the initiation of the children, although she also appears on other occasions. At the initiation rites she descends into the kiva bearing a large number of yucca blades bound together at the base. 

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