Crow Mother Kachina by Chester Poleyestewa

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Hopi carver Poleyestewa has been making Kachinas since he was a young boy. His Kachinas are made in the old, traditional manner using cottonwood roots and in the same style that the Hopi people have given to their own children for centuries. They are painted with natural dyes and mineral paints that he makes himself. The finishing touches are beautiful feathers, Angora goat hair and deerskin. 

Poleyestewa is known for his exceptional feather work. He is a well-known carver whose work is sought after by collectors around the world.

Crow Mother Kachina by Hopi carver Poleyestewa. The 11” x 11” x 3” is carved from cottonwood root in the traditional Hopi manner.

The Mother of All Kachinas, the Crow Mother (Angwusnasomtaka) is a figure of great dignity. She appears on all three mesas, usually in connection with the initiation of the children, although she also appears on other occasions. At the initiation rites she descends into the kiva bearing a large number of yucca blades bound together at the base. 

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