Earrings by Navajo Jeweler Roland Begay

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Earrings by Navajo Jeweler Roland Begay. See below for more information.

Native American Indian, Roland Begay based this design on the traditional Navajo Wedding Basket (or Ceremonial Basket) design. He used an overlay technique with silver to create the basic designs and hand engraved the stitches in the basket. None of his work is cast or made from patterns, each piece is one of a kind, hand cut and designed. His sterling silver work has made these easy-to-wear earrings into a treasure for your collection. Each earring measures 1" across and is made for pierced ears. The back is brushed sterling silver and is stamped with 'R H Begay' and sterling silver. We have several items by this artist, don't miss any of them! All Native American jewelry is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.