Handmade Lariat Cross Wall Decor by Rod Judy

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Handmade Lariat Cross Wall Décor by Rod Judy. see below for more information. sold in store 8-9-17 Karen Bergen

After thousands of hours working on a ranch, doing dozens of jobs all cowboys and ranchers know about, the lariat just loses its life and is tossed aside. What does a rope do then? Like many things, it is given a chance for a new life. Rod Judy has used a lariat to make this wall décor for you. The cross is made from 4 pieces of a lariat, 18 " long, and 10" wide, The natural curvature of a lariat is used for the cross arm. The lariat pieces are held ttogether with a heat method, and the same method assures you the fringe will not fray any further. A piece of frayed/fringed lariat adorns the front.. The two pieces are then secured with a wire and decorated with a turquoise-colored stone in the center. A wire is hidden on the back near the top, for hanging.