Handpainted Fish Olla Mata Ortiz Pot by Mary Chavira

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Handpainted Fish Olla Mata Ortiz Pot by Mary Chavira. See below for more information.

This wonderfully rounded Mata Ortiz Olla Pot is a handmade treasure just waiting to join your pottery collection. It is accented with blue dots on a beige background. The neck is banded in a geometric design. This Olla pot features a nice stone polished sheen & you can still see the stone rubbing marks that remain from the polishing. These markings are subtle and add to the overall quality and beauty of the pot. Cultural expression and artistic freedom are clearly evident in Mary's hand coiled pot & it would make a wonderful addition to your Southwestern collection. This handmade, hand-coiled Mata Ortiz Pot stands 6" tall, with a 6" diameter. Signed by the Mata Ortiz Pottery artist, Mary Chavira.