Jack Black vintage purple glaze pottery

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this beautiful woman with Bowl piece of Pottery is from Jack Black.  A member of the Navajo tribe, Jack Black was a very talented artist and sculptor. Born in Galveston, Texas.  He lived in Arizona, opening a studio in Sedona in 1984. Inspired by native Americans and the colors of the desert, Mr. Black used a purple glaze for this lovely piece.  

this piece is incised on the bottom with the Jack Black signature, along with his cypher, a figure 8 with a vertical line through it, and the year of creation.

Mr. Black, who became a well-respected artist before his death in 2002, first sketched his ideas, then sculpted them in clay before molds were made. Each artwork was created by hand and no two are identical. 

It was made in 1986 and a Certificate of Authenticity comes with it.