Masau’u “Earth God” Hopi Kachina by David Roy

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This wonderful cottonwood root carving is by David Roy.  This great Kachina is 16 inches tall and the base is 5.75 inches across.  This is a vintage doll.

Masau Kachina, also known as Earth God, controls the Earth and the Underworld.  He is also known as the god of death.  He controls the dead moving into the Underworld, and the Kachinas emergence into the world through the kivas.   Masau only travels at night, by firelight.  His face represents a skull and the spots on his head represent clouds.  In his capacity as ruler of the surface of the earth, he gave the Hopi their lands and bade them honor him with prayer plumes when they traveled the lands.  As god of death he controls passage of the dead into the underworld and the movement of the kachinas.  Masau’u is the only kachina that may appear during the closed season.  

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