Rodney Coriz

Rodney Coriz is an exceptional young Santo Domingo jewelry artist who has combined two styles of creativity into his own. His inlay work is fantastic and his ability to work with natural stones to form smooth wearable pieces of art is well known. Rodney is a member of the Santo Domingo Pueblo. His life is about history, believing and experiencing his culture. Rodney was inspired by his Mother, Nestoria Coriz, and his Grandfather, Lupe Pena. The history of how hand made jewelry was artfully created by using hand made tools. Turquoise stones were ground on solid rocks, before the creators had motors and machines. Rodney easily grasped his Grandfather Lupe Pena's history and started to create art from seashell and stones. Rodney craved to learn more and wanted to become a modern artist. He took metal smithing classes in January of 2002 at the Poeh Cultural Center. He has grown and developed into a world class artist who has shown works at many museums, including the Heard and The Millicent Rogers Museum. Rodney Coriz is also featured in the book "Masters of Contemporary Indian Jewelry". Fine Native Indian Jewelry makers abound in the Coriz family. Daniel, Rodney and Simon are all following in their parents and grand parents tradition.