Roie Jaque

Roie was born of three Native American Indian tribes: Pueblo of Laguna Acoma, Chiricahua Apache, and Navajo. He was brought up as Navajo and in the ways of the Navajo cultures. His father Tse nahabilnii, is Navajo, while Roie's paternal grandparent, Chishi, is Chiricahua Apache. Roie's mother, is Naatsedlozii (Road runner of Laguna Acoma) Her parents Haak'ohnii (Laguna Acoma). Roie speaks, reads, and writs the Navajo language, and is enrolled with the Navajo tribe in window rock, Arizona. After high school and college/university in Nw Mexico and Arizona, Roie worked as a summer aide in Albuqueque, NM. He also worked on the Apache County Road Department, National Forest, Ramah Navajo School at Pine Hill, NM, and is currently employed by Circle J.W. Products. "I learned how to silversmith at an early age and have been silversmithing for over 45 years. I have also learned the art of Navajo rug weaving, using the raw materials from my own sheep. Working from scratch, I shear, wash, clean, card, and spin the wool into yarns for weaving. My late mother, Alice Raphealito, was a Master weaver and was known for her excellent work."