Navajo Rugs

Navajo rugs have been made for nearly 500 years, but they have recently made their way into homes all over the world.  We are working on getting detail descriptions and evaluations of our rugs so that we can give you valid and complete descriptions on them.  We have approximately 30 rugs that we are working on and we will put them on the web as the information becomes available.  For quicker information, you are welcome to call 620-353-3331 to get pictures and sizes on the rugs that we own.  Our Collection of rugs consist of pieces that we have purchased through the last 50 years.  Some were purchased new but most we bought as older pieces.  Some of them are wall hangings and some of the larger pieces were actually used on the floors.  

History of Navajo Rugs

The Navajo are one of the largest recognized Native American tribes within the United States. Around 500 years ago, they made their home the American Southwest. There, they developed a vibrant culture, complete with its own language, belief system, and lifestyle. One of their most significant impressions on modern society has been their rugs.  

The Pueblo tribe is thought to have introduced weaving to the Navajo, or at least a new way to weave using a vertical loom. Thanks to this new loom, as well as raising their own unique sheep called the Navajo-Churro, they were able to begin weaving long, smooth, and durable fibers to make rugs.

At the turn of the 20th century, there was growing interest in the rest of the world for all things Native American. Tourists from the rest of America, and beyond, would come to the Southwest in search of authentic souvenirs. The exotic designs caught on and remain popular to this day. Over the course of the 20th century, various types of designs sprang up, providing added variety to Navajo rugs, which became widely admired.