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Raku Pitcher with Stick Handle by Barbara Heard.

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Raku Pitcher with Buffalo Design and Stick Handle by Barbara Heard. See below for more information.

Raku is an ancient ceramic technique originating in Japan. Raku pieces feature the combination of glazing and interesting burnishing resulting from flame, smoke and rapid cooling which engenders a variety of finish effects. Barbara Heard;s specialty is creating richly pigmented pit-fire and raku pieces through processes developed and refined over many years of diligent experimental work. A stylized buffalo fetish top combines with natural branch handle and the traditional stair-to-heaven form spout to create this unique decorative teapot. Tan glaze combines with the dark matt finish in the raku process. The lid is detachable, Total height of this pot is 13" and it is 11" wide. This is a decorative item not intended for culinary use.