Red Eyed Vireo sculpture by Zanni

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This ‘Red Eyed Vireo’ is the perfect gift for the bird lover!!  Each bird is a one of a kind because they are individually hand carved, mounted and painted!

Joel carves all of the birds by hand and then he has two creative Artisans that hand paint them to their Audubon Society descriptions.  His work is phenomenal and he is considered a true master Artisan.   His Collection of hand carved birds currently is at sixty varieties of mostly song birds.  They are carved out of aspen wood and mounted on real pieces of wood.

Joel Dournel-Zanni was born in France from a family of Artisans and wood workers.  Joel studied wood carving as an apprentice with his uncle for a number of years on restoration projects of 17th century French Art Pieces.  An Aspen, Colorado resident since 1989, Joel picked up wood carving as a full time activity in the early 1990’s.  Joel is also a widely known commission artist who has created many large life size pieces for customers all around the country.

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