RETIRED - Trail of Painted Ponies - 'Quarterhorse'

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RETIRED - Painted Pony "QuarterHorse". See below for more information.

Experimenting with the design and dimensionality of an actual quarter, and the sculptural form of the horse breed that goes by the same name, this former art director for a national magazine found the coin's features lent themselves to the existing contours of the horse. "I particularly like how the eagle's wings flow into the horse's mane and tail," artist Kathy Morawski says. "By focusing on the eagle and selected words of a quarter, it also offers an opportunity to reflect an additional theme of national allegiance." A silver finish, appearing "aged" for contrast, gives the appearance of the horse a feeling of having been crafted from metal.He is new, comes with a box and a tag. Marked: 1E/3905; Retired: September 2004; Material: Resin; Size: 7" Form: Cantering