RETIRED - Trail of Painted Ponies - 'Reunion of the Family of Man'

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Trail of Painted Ponies "Reunion of the Family of Man. See below for complete details.

Artist Cal Peacock’s painted tin “Medicine Horses” have been displayed in such prestigious venues as the Smithsonian Museum. But she considers “Reunion” the “king of the herd.” Intricately covered with amazingly detailed imagery and symbols that express empathy and compassion towards our fellow man He is carrying a medicine bundle stocked with bird feathers, Cal’s gorgeous Pony is an expression of the importance of soulfully connecting with Nature. The vibrant display of Colors depicting the tepees, fields of Corn and wheat along with the buffalo is amazing! He also has the feather adornment on his head. This is a new Pony with the Hang Tag and Box. Retired: January, 2008; Material: Resin; Size: 6"; Form: Standing