RETIRED - Trail of Painted Ponies - 'Runs the Bitterroot'

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RETIRED - Trail of Painted Ponies - 'Runs the Bitterroot'. See below for more information.

The Native Americans' admiration for the horse took many forms. A favored horse dressed for ceremony or war would often be adorned with striking regalia, as well as painted. The beauty and mystery of the Indian horse mask as the emblem of a warrior Pony is captured with great power by an Oklahoma historian/artist, Kevin Kilhofer, in this masterful tribute to Chief Joseph. The legendary leader of the Nez Perce, who is credited with the successful breeding of the Appaloosa, is remembered for his principled resistance to the forced removal of the Nez Perce from their Idaho homelands. Chief Joseph's surrender speech, in which he said "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever," immortalized him in American history and popular culture." This pony is complete with a box and a tag. Retired: December, 2009; Material: Resin; Size: 7"; Form: Walking. 1/5496