RETIRED - Trail of Painted Ponies - "Sounds of Thunder"

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RETIRED - Trail of Painted Ponies - "Sounds of Thunder". See below for more information.

This Painted Pony represents both the male and female lifestyle of the Plains Indian people, as rendered by the acclaimed Cherokee father-and-daughter artists, Bill and Traci Rabbit. On Side 1, (blue) Bill depicts the ultimate warrior, his profile accompanied by symbols that tell the dramatic story of his many victories. On Side 2, (white) Traci depicts the grace, strength and determination of women in Native society, a sun radiating healing beams, her dress signifying her skill at beading and design, a buffalo hunt in the background relating the importance of both the buffalo and the horse to Native Americans. This pony comes complete with box and tag. Retired: July, 2011; Material: Ceramic; Size: 7"; Form: Walking. Marked: 1/8845