RETIRED - Trail of Painted Ponies - 'Tewa Horse'

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RETIRED - "Tewa Horse" Painted Ponies. see below for more information.

The Tewa Horse, retired Painted Pony was designed and Born to a family of artists and craftsmen from the Tesuque Pueblo in New Mexico, Tom (a tribal policeman) wanted to incorporate some of the traditional images that have been handed down from generation to generation, into a design that was contemporary in feeling and rich with symbolism. To do this, he combined various animal abstractions with geometric patterns. The sash represents good fortune. The blanket honors the horse as a bold and strong being. The eagle is a symbol of prosperity. The handprint stands for the loving touch of all creation. (8E / 0467). He is new and comes with the hang tag and box complete. Title: Tewa Horse #1546 Artist: Tom Tapia Medium: Resin Measures: 6" Introduction Date: March 2004