Roland Begay Sterling Silver Overlay Bracelet 1" wide

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Roland Begay Sterling Silver Overlay Bracelet. See below for more information.

This lovely cuff bracelet is sterling silver overlay (two layers of silver). The top layer with a cutout design is placed over a bottom layer and 'sweated' (heated) so that they become one piece of metal. Each figure is cut out then placed onto a contrasting background and finished in place. The contrasting background has a sun design in it to add that extra interest. This is a very painstaking and delicate process assuring you of beauty and grace for your personal style. Native American Navajo Indian, Roland Begay, made this bracelet with three running horses and carved design ends. The 5 1/2" bracelet is 54 grams of silver and is 1" wide. It is a size7. It is stamped 'sterling' and has 'R M Begay' stamped as well.