Sand Carving in Glass with Copper Edge

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Sand Carving. See below for more information.

This beautifully sand etched glass is supported by a copper rod set into the rock. The light-colored rock is a piece of Flagstone from Sedona, Arizona. It is about 5" tall, and 5" wide at its widest point. It is about 8" in length. The length of the copper rod (as it is positioned in the rock) is 16" and is a lovely holder of the hand etched figures in the glass This dramatic piece makes a significant statement to your good taste in home décor. (overall height of the piece is about 21 1/2" tall) The copper-covered rod is inset 1 1/4" into the rock for stability. The widest part of the glass is 7" wide, with an etching of a traditional sun-design. The dangling feathers are of copper and shell, enhanced with copper wire and colorful beads.