Santo Domingo Heishi Necklace by Garcia

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Take your pick of a Santo Domingo Heishi Necklace by Garcia. See below for more information.

Santo Domingo Native Indian, Lloyd Garcia, has hand-made these enchanting necklaces for your collection. Lloyd's signature bead is placed 6 Heishi beads from the end on each side and assures you of his quality workmanship. The workmanship on these necklaces is phenomenal. Each bead has been hand honed and it is amazing how smooth and silky they are. The tiny clam shell heishi makes a very pretty, fluid and easy to wear necklace. We have white heishi and sand-colored heishi necklaces available. Take your pick of these beautiful pieces of Traditional Native Indian Culture. Each one measures 24". There are two complete necklaces shown; this price is for your choice of one. Please call the store and let us know which you prefer. Each item by a Native American Artist is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.