Verna Blackgoat Sterling Silver & Multi-Stone Necklace

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Absolutely gorgeous, brightly colored, sterling silver & multi-stone necklace by Navajo artist & silversmith, Verna Blackgoat. 

The stones in this necklace consist of Apple Coral, Purple Spiny Oyster, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Gaspeite, & Orange Spiny Oyster.  The necklace is a sterling oval & round link chain, with a hook & eye clasp, & it measures 20 1/4" from end to end.  The necklace features 7-wonderful stones, placed one by one across the front, set in smooth bezels, each with rope twist borders, & sterling silver dots.  Each has a small, sterling button at the bottom of the setting.  On both the farthest sides, the stone featured is Apple Coral.  Moving inward, the next stones are Purple Spiny Oyster.  The next two inner stones are the last matching ones to hr right and left of the are Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.  The middle stone is a slight bit larger & it is a singular Apple Coral stone.  Flanked below the Apple Coral Stone in the center, to the right & left are two small round Gaspeite stones.  Nestled in between the two gaspeite stones, is a teardrop shaped Orange Spiny Oyster stone.  The middle stone grouping measures 1.25" tall x 1" wide.  The necklace is marked "Sterling" & hallmarked "V. Blackgoat" by maker, Verna Blackgoat.


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