Vintage Dewa (Zuni) Sun face Kachina Bolo Tie / Leather necklace

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VINTAGE ZUNI STERLING SILVER SUNFACE BOLO TIE / NECKLACE WITH ACCENT TIPS.   This Bolo is hand made of Sterling Silver forming the image of a Sunface. It is raised mosaic inlay with Jet, Gold Lip, Mother-Of-Pearl, Coral, Pinshell, Turquoise, Abalone and Silver and comes with a black hand woven Leather necklace with sterling tips and accent sun face drops. Very few collectors have an Andrew Dewa Sunface at the 4-1/4" size that includes the matching accent tips.

Sunface - 4-1/4" Tall and 1 5/8" Wide Weighs - 51 grams SIGNED: Hallmarked A Dewa Zuni AGE: Approximately 40 Years Old

Accents - 1-1/4" Tall and 3/4" Wide Weighing 17 grams attached to 2" sterling silver cone ends.


ARTIST: Andrew Dewa is best known for Mosaic Inlay Jewelry bearing the Sunface design that became his signature image. Andrew learned his craft from his father, Leroy Dewa, and his mother, Anita Dewa. He specializes in raised and carved mosaic. Andrew Dewa died on Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001. He created one of the most widely recognized styles of mosaic inlay Sunface Jewelry stating that the sunface "does honor to the Sun Father". He made jewelry since the 1960's and there are very few Andrew Dewa pieces in existance today.  His work is published in Zuni Jewelry, the Art and the People, Vol 2, by Barbara and Ed Bell, Zuni Jewelry, by Theda and Michael Bassman, Schiffer Publishing, Treasures of the Zuni, by Theda Bassman, and Zuni and many others.