Vintage Native American Indian Mountain Sheep Scrimshaw Bolo Tie

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Sterling Silver Bolo Tie featuring a lovely mountain sheep scrimshaw set in sterling silver.  The scrimshaw is surrounded by hand cut sterling silver flowers, leaves and dots.  This well built bolo tie was created by D Delgarito.  He used a scrimshaw piece which was done by a different artist.  It is individually signed.   It is 2.5 inches  at the widest point and 2.75 inches tall.  

Scrimshaw is a process of engraving or carving designs in bone or ivory. It is an artform that is thought to have originated from the handiwork created by whalers made from the byproducts from marine mammals. One of the most popular materials used by scrimshaw artists is fossilized walrus ivory. Fossilized ivory ranges in color from cream through buff and brown to dark green, blue and even black. The artist engraves an image on the ivory and then colors it with inks.

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